Daytime job: Researcher in Plant Biology with the Agriculture Research Service branch of the United States Department of Agriculture located at the University of Kentucky, Lexington, KY

When I became interested in photography: During graduate school (many moons ago), my research in photosynthesis involved techniques akin to infrared (IR) photography. However I did not seriously pick the camera until the advent of digital. Since the processing is immediate, there was no longer an excuse not to. After getting frustrated with the poor quality and lack of control with point & shoot cameras, I finally broke down and bought a DSLR a while back. I have not looked back.

Photography interests: Nature, flower, macro.

Since I started this hobby/play I have spent a considerable amount of time in the field, in the greenhouse, and just “around and about”, playing with the “stuff” I’ve purchased; and loving it! I’ve spent more time these past couple of years out hiking than I have since college. I love heading out to new places to see if there is a shot worth getting (and haven’t found many places where there hasn’t). Since I now have my “photographer’s eye” on the go, I have learned to “see” so much more of this beautiful world we live in. I hope I can convey some of what I see in my photos to others as well.

Please feel free to make comments and suggestions. Thanks for stopping by.